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2017 – The Year for Copyright Registrations

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Create Your Own Copyright Registration Program – It’s Not Too Late!


2017 is the Year of US Copyright Registrations!

Has the sun gone down on your New Year Resolutions?  Every year in the middle of December our firm receives calls from our clients PROMISING that this upcoming year is the one that they will finally embrace and keep up to date on their copyright registrations with the US Copyright Office.  Then, every year, about June or July our firm gets another call from almost all those same clients feeling defeated…the best set plans to start a Copyright Registration Program have gone awry.  Life Happens!

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START A COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION PROGRAM!  There are creatives that have thirty years’ worth of material to register that have only recently started while others maybe let a year or too slip away.  The important issue to focus on…everyone starts somewhere!  Our firm is committed to doing everything we can this year to help creatives register copyrights.

So, you are invited for these next few weeks to journey with our firm while we look at what it takes for a successful Copyright Registration Program.  Whether there are thousands of images, hundreds of articles or one recording that has been left unregistered, it’s time to look at creating a system that best meets your needs and that of your business.

Step #1

Everything must start somewhere.  So, let’s start simply.  It may be slow to some and overwhelming to others, but let’s start.




A Work is defined as “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artist, and certain other intellectual works. (Title 17, U S Code).  How you chose to collect your work(s) is up to you.  However, it will be necessary to have either a digital copy or hard copy eventually, so it is best to start now.

Also, please read the following US Copyright Office Circular.  You may be a seasoned veteran or a newbie, but it is always good to take a read.

Step #1 Extra Credit

An excel spreadsheet or some type of database or table will make your work MUCH easier in the long run.  Now is a great time to start one.

Looking Ahead…

Next post we will be taking everything that you collected and learn how to pull the information that you need together to register your works.

And just maybe…there might be a sample Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet waiting for your when you check in!

 If we all work together, we can get this done.  Send me an email privately if you think a group would help encourage you.

PLEASE REMEMBER – This Article is for educational purposes only, is not guaranteed for a specific purpose, and does not constitute the practice of law or a legal relationship.  Every situation is different and each reader should contact his or her own legal counsel.